The application process for printing accepted articles in journals

Researchers whose papers have been finalized and finalized their registration for publication in journals follow the steps below:


1- Magazine List:

1- test engineering and management- SCOPUS

2- Journal of critical reviews - SCOPUS

3- international journal of psychosocial rehabilitation- SCOPUS

4- Journal Of Advanced Research In Dynamical And Control Systems(JARDCS)-SCOPUS

5- Journal Of Green Engineering-SCOPUS


2. Send a print application email to the following email address
Subject Email: Journalism Demand for Printing -The 4th International Conference On Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Metallurgy
Email Text: Name of the magazine or magazines of choic
Email attachment: English version of the article
Hints :
- To apply for the journals, you must be registered at the conference.
-The advertisements are subject to cost.
- Free specialized scientific journals are subsequently published.
- If you need a translation you can request the following email. With 20% off.